Eco-Friendly for E-Commerce 

If there’s one thing that we need to learn from retail giants, it’s that the packaging is a big part of it. With a big shift towards eco-friendly options, eCommerce is working to get the most sustainable and stylish shipments that are possible, while also protecting and taking care of the environment. 

So what does this mean for businesses that are smaller in the world of eCommerce? Whether you’re a new trailer or a veteran that’s been around the block, you definitely want to consider the packaging as well, since it can help with your business as well. 

Why Eco-Friendly? 

You may wonder about this. 

But let’s look at the facts here.  A lot of businesses have grown due to the pandemic, with more and more people online shopping than ever before. this big increase has given us more and more chances for companies to offer online businesses. 

However, they could do better. The biggest problem of course, is the shortages, and of course the competitive nature of this, which of course were caused by the pandemic as well. 

But there are options out there too that businesses are able to use without breaking the bank, while also benefitting the environment as well. 

The Best Options 

So what are the best options for eco-friendly businesses? 

The key here is you want something durable, lightweight, and of course are biodegradable. It’s good to make sure that the packaging materials are available. 

Some of the options include: 

  • Brown boxes. These are versatile, cheap, and are very study. They also won’t cause much harm on the environment, and are considered eco-friendly. They’re great for those who have small margins for profit and a high volume, and you don’t’ want to spend too much money either. 
  • White boxes, which are basically the same but not the color brown, and the color white. While plain, they do work well, and they offer a great eco-friendly option for some people, especially if you don’t like to use the brown boxes. 
  • Book wrap mailers. These are simple and versatile as well, and they are basically carboard mailers that offer more depth, flexibility, and can package a lot.  they also use the press and seal closing option at the top, and there is also the tear-open strips that are placed there, which is good if you don’t want to spend a bunch of time packing and unpacking these products as well. 
  • Self-Seal Boxes 
  • If you want convenience, you want self-seal, since they can help save you a lot of time with delivery and dispatching, and many times, they’re good for big products that don’t need a bunch of protection. They also can have tamper-evident production and are great for unboxing as well 
  • Carboard boxes. Simple. Easy, and they offer the best protection, so if you’re looking to ship items that are a bit fragile, this is your best option. You have different levels of protection too, both single-walled and double-walled, which are good if you’re worried about items breaking, and helps to improve the customer repute of this one as well. 

With all of these different options, you really can’t go wrong with the eco-friendly boxes and other options that are out there. with many different products that can be beneficial for a lot of people, it’s no wonder that people are definitely seeing a lot of changes. With the packaging landscape changing for the better, a lot of people definitely will enjoy this different change, and it can even be personalized too for your business if you like. 

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